Coal or Coral

A new project by The Light Collective

The works are uplifting, creative and thought provoking. It is said a picture is worth a thousand words. In this book The Light Collective are writing novels. Laid out before us in stark beauty the work transcends words, it goes straight to the heart and soul of who we are as a country
— Christian Fletcher
BLACK AND BLUE - Coal or Coral
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For the second chapter of the ongoing RGB (Red, Green, Blue) Project we initially set out to focus purely on the immense beauty and grandeur of the largest living structure on Earth and one of the great natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef. A global icon of the purest blue. 

However, the reef has suffered catastrophic losses in recent years from recurring bleaching events caused by rising ocean temperatures, and after deeper consideration, it seemed almost socially irresponsible not to address this as part of the project.

The immense degradation of the reef presents us with one of the most tangible and undeniable illustrations of the kind of impacts global warming holds for us, an unmistakable warning shot over the bow…

And consequently, we have chosen to juxtapose the adjacent coal mining industry with the Great Barrier Reef as symbols for a larger global conversation in order to ask an important question; can we find a sustainable balance between the continued extraction and consumption of fossil fuels and the well-being of our great natural ecosystems? Can they co-exist?

By placing these two opposing natural resources with a common link together, we are being asked and challenged to acknowledge the relationship between one of the potential causes and effects of climate change. 

Our intention is to create meaningful conversation, bring deeper awareness and motivate responsible action and accountability in an important time in our Earth's natural history. We are on the knife's edge as a civilisation of maintaining a sustainable relationship with the Earth's natural ecosystems. And their destruction or conservation is being determined by our actions in this moment, not years down the track. 

We hold the fate of this planet’s well-being squarely in our hands. We are its custodians and the impending death of over half of the Great Barrier Reef is a genuine call to action.

Will we choose the path of hope and empowered, informed decision-making and responsible action, or one of complacency and potentially ultimate despair?

Our actions or in-actions, both collectively and individually will shape our future and create the legacy we leave behind for the generations to come.

Read what this project means to each artist below.

Artists Statements

Peter Garrett.jpg

Peter Garrett

“I applaud The Light Collective for producing this incredibly timely work. Here in plain view, are the images that remind us what is at stake right now, as the most important natural wonder in the world, under siege from a warming climate, hangs in the balance. Black and Blue: Coal or Coral comes at a critical moment for the future of the wondrous Great Barrier Reef - share widely.”


The scope of this new project will see the publication of a new limited edition book and an exhibition to launch it whilst showcasing fine art and conceptual imagery that together aim to help generate greater conversation and action in the coal vs coral debate. 

The Story

The Book

When you buy a copy of Black and Blue:

•    You become an important member of the team seeking to launch this important high conservation value project
•    Some of your proceeds will be donated to Australian Marine Conservation Society who are funding research and conservation strategies for the Great Barrier Reef

By just placing the book on your coffee table or on your office desk, will start conversations and create a higher level of environmental awareness!


Fine Art Book

BLACK & BLUE is the second in a series of publications by The Light Collective showcasing fine art and conceptual imagery in this high quality limited run book illustrating the modern relationship between Coal and Coral.

Unite in this cause to help save the reef!

Shipping Date: Dec 2018

BLACK AND BLUE - Coal or Coral
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The Australian Marine Conservation Society

10% of the total Crowdfunding Campaign Sales will be donated directly to the Australian Marine Conservation Society for the conservation and protection of The Great Barrier Reef.

By donating 10% of sales we can guarantee this money goes directly to the cause. Immediately helping to conserve the Great Barrier Reef.

Tim Winton.jpg

Tim Winton

“We have reached a point where we’re fighting for the Great Barrier Reef’s survival. And the greatest threat to its future is climate change. These beautiful and confronting images convey the urgency of the crisis we face and the reason we need to withdraw from our suicidal addiction to coal.And it’s not just the Reef – our poor planet is now black and blue – and we need to end the abuse while there’s still time.These pictures tell a stark and eloquent story we simply cannot ignore.”

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