Adam Williams

"It scares me to face a future in which I have to write this letter to my boy, this project has now shown me a path and future in which I never need to apologize for my inaction"

Letter to my son (40 years from now)

“Hi little do, 

I am sorry that the struggles you have to deal with today are due to the previous generations misuse of the environment. 

I'm am sorry I didn’t do more to help turn the denigration around. I was just so busy trying to survive, stressed just trying to provide for us, trying to put a roof over our heads, trying to lay a financial foundation to make your life a little easier. 

Bullshit, if I’m truthful I was lost competing and comparing myself to everyone else, competing for money, competing for attention. 

All the money in the world can not replace what you have lost, and the roof over our head is not much use when we can no longer breath the air around us. I wish I could have done more, I wish I had strived for meaning rather than money, fought to protect our precious environment rather than fighting for my 15 minutes of fame. 

The thing I am most ashamed of and most sorry for is that I considered the consequences and the effect further environmental degradation would have on your future, I knew the result and I still did nothing.

 I failed you...

Son, there is no one I have ever loved more dearly or cared more about and I never made the effort to invest in your future 

I failed you. 

Please forgive me. 

I Love you,