The next chapter in the RGB Project has arrived. The Light Collective proudly present to you:

BLACK&BLUE - Coal or Coral

The Light Collective represent a refreshing group of Australian based fine art photographers who have come together to push their creative boundaries. 

By combining their considerable resources and skills, the visual artists that make up the collective are able to take on much larger and more ambitious ventures such as the RGB Australia Project. First formed in 2014, the visual artists involved are renowned for their progressive, interpretive and artistic approach to image making. As a collective, they seek to expand the boundaries of modern landscape photography by embracing the full creative capacity of the digital realm. A more noble purpose behind their imagery is to inspire and empower a deeper connection and relationship with this country’s incredible natural landscapes and awaken a greater sense of ownership and responsibility for their conservation.

The Light Collective are:

Adam Willams
Ricardo Da Cunha
Luke Austin
Ignacio Palacios
Paul Hoelen

Art available for online purchase here