Ricardo Da Cunha

Long as I recall I have had a deep appreciation for, and a willingness to help protect, our remaining wilderness areas and the fragile life that they support. It's this desire that fuels the choices that I make in my life and it's one of the key reasons that I joined The Light Collective, where as a collaborative, we stand to speak a louder voice for our ailing environment by combining our artistic capabilities.

It's for this reason that I was excited when as a group we decided to use these capabilities to help generate greater awareness of the urgent environmental issue of coral bleaching that is currently disseminating along The Great Barrier Reef at an alarming rate. 

Whilst I don't pretend to have a full understanding of the complex topic that is Climate Change, I am however a strong believer in it and I think we all have a personal obligation to try and minimise our carbon footprint wherever possible. It's my personal goal in the Black & Blue project to inspire greater conversation about the issue, and ultimately, inspire mutual benefiting solutions to humankind and the fragile planet that we're so incredibly dependent on.

The privilege to work alongside a group of fine image makers united in a common environmental awareness goal is something that is very special to me and something I do not take for granted.